2016 Q3 Kansas City Market Update – Video

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The Truth About Turnkey Providers No One Tells You

Originally posted by Ali Boone of Bigger Pockets

If you are thinking of buying a turnkey rental property or are in the process of buying one, there is something about turnkey providers that you need to understand. Knowing this will … Read more...

What is a Short Sale? Your Guide to Eligibility, Process, Tax Implications & More

Originally posted by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets

What is a short sale? In the most basic definition, a short sale is the process of selling a primary residence for less than what is owed with the approval from the … Read more...

Rents Are Up, But Homeownership Rate’s Falling in KC

original article posted by Rob Roberts, Reporter for the Kansas City Business Journal

Area renter costs vs. owner costs

Kansas City has a widening gap between renter and owner cost:

The Kansas City area’s homeownership rate has been falling, … Read more...