The Top 8 Mistakes Made by Rookie Landlords

Originally reported by Kevin Perk of Bigger Pockets

Everyone has been a rookie at something at some point in their lives, whether it was in a new school, job, or sport — or even as a landlord.

Being a rookie …

Institutional Investors Keep Buying Single-Family Rentals, In Spite of High Prices

Originally posted by Bendix Anderson of the National Real Estate Investor

Despite rising prices, institutional investors continue to buy single-family rentals.

“Investors are willing to accept much smaller returns,” says Steve Hovland, director of research for HomeUnion, a real estate … Read more...

Kansas City Home – Learn More about How Property Values Are REALLY Calculated

So you’re thinking about listing your Kansas City Home for Sale and are wondering how property values are really calculated.

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What Are The Best Investments For You To Make In Your Single Family Kansas City Rental Property?

Now is one of the best times for you to remodel your single family Kansas City Rental Property because mortgage interest rates are still historically low and thanks to recent news it’s likely we will not see a rate increase … Read more...