Exclusive: ‘Project Toto’ is huge retail distribution center headed for KC

Originally posted by Rob Roberts of the Kansas City Business Journal

The dog is out of the bag.

Sources are reporting that Project Toto, the code name for a large project that area economic development agencies have been hoping to … Read more...

6 Tips to Craft a Highly Coveted Rental — Without Over-Improving It

Originally posted by Brian Davis of Bigger Pockets

Somewhere between “no one wants my rental unit” and “I got 150 calls within a half hour of listing,” there’s a perfect balance of property improvements, rent pricing, and high return on … Read more...

How to Create More Time for Real Estate Deals While Working a 9-5

Originally posted by Brian Davis from Bigger Pockets

Working a 9-5 job while investing in real estate on the side?

Don’t sweat it — there are plenty of advantages in working full-time and investing part-time, from stable income to health … Read more...

The Truth About Turnkey Providers No One Tells You

Originally posted by Ali Boone of Bigger Pockets

If you are thinking of buying a turnkey rental property or are in the process of buying one, there is something about turnkey providers that you need to understand. Knowing this will … Read more...