Popular Kansas City Zip Codes for Real Estate Investors

One of the questions I get asked a lot by investors who want to invest in Kansas City is, “What zip codes are good to invest in?”.  Any seasoned investor will tell you that this depends on several factors such … Read more...

City Club Apartments CEO: $72M project will disrupt KC luxury market

Originally posted by Rob Roberts of the Kansas City Business Journal

Jonathan Holtzman, a Detroit-area developer who formed the partnership planning a $71.5 million project in the Crossroads Arts District, said it will include a mix of apartments, … Read more...

So long, KC: American Royal will develop $160M complex in KCK

Originally posted by Rob Roberts of the Kansas City Business Journal

After 117 years in the West Bottoms, the American Royal Association will move to new facilities in a $160 million complex to be developed across the state line … Read more...

10 Lethal Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Real Estate Investment

Originally posted by Chad Carson of Bigger Pockets
Your first investment will be a learning process.
  • While you’ll definitely make a few mistakes along the way, there are a few common pitfalls that can be avoided if you educate yourself

Newbies: Make TODAY the Day You Start Taking Action. Here’s Your Motivation.

Originally posted by Engelo Rumora of Bigger Pockets

Are you dipping your toe into the pool of real estate investment? Well, stop wasting your time and dive right in. When you’re starting out in this market, it can be scary Read more...

8 Basics Every New Real Estate Investor Should Master

Originally posted by Chris Clothier of Bigger Pockets

One of the keys to success for a new real estate investor is to quickly get pointed in the right direction. With hundreds of different directions to move, that can be a … Read more...

In the Game of Finance, Does Offense (Making Money) or Defense (Saving Money) Matter More?

Originally posted by Brad Lohnes with Bigger Pockets

“Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships.” — Bear Bryant

I was stuck. The process of getting on a budget was tougher than I expected. We’d already tightened up the easy stuff, … Read more...

The Top 8 Mistakes Made by Rookie Landlords

Originally reported by Kevin Perk of Bigger Pockets

Everyone has been a rookie at something at some point in their lives, whether it was in a new school, job, or sport — or even as a landlord.

Being a rookie …

The Risk Paradox: How (& Why) Investors Fail to Gauge Investment Risk Correctly

Originally reported by Erion Shehaj of Bigger Pockets

After rigorous research, you have narrowed down your options to two potential investments. The first is a new construction duplex priced in the mid $300,000s. It is located in a market with … Read more...

Obama’s $80M reinvestment in smart city tech touches Kansas City

Originally posted by Bobby Burch of the Startland News

In a move that will provide the Kansas City area more resources to develop Internet of Things technology, President Obama’s administration announced Monday that it’s boosting support of U.S. smart city