2016 Q4 Kansas City Real Estate Market Report

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Kansas City suburban residential street with houses

2016 Q3 Kansas City Market Update – Video

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getting a rental unit ready to rent

6 Tips to Craft a Highly Coveted Rental — Without Over-Improving It

Originally posted by Brian Davis of Bigger Pockets

Somewhere between “no one wants my rental unit” and “I got 150 calls within a half hour of listing,” there’s a perfect balance of property improvements, rent pricing, and high return on … Read more...

kansas city turn key properties

The Truth About Turnkey Providers No One Tells You

Originally posted by Ali Boone of Bigger Pockets

If you are thinking of buying a turnkey rental property or are in the process of buying one, there is something about turnkey providers that you need to understand. Knowing this will … Read more...

top 8 mistakes made bu rookie landlords

The Top 8 Mistakes Made by Rookie Landlords

Originally reported by Kevin Perk of Bigger Pockets

Everyone has been a rookie at something at some point in their lives, whether it was in a new school, job, or sport — or even as a landlord.

Being a rookie …

risk analysis for real estate investing

The Risk Paradox: How (& Why) Investors Fail to Gauge Investment Risk Correctly

Originally reported by Erion Shehaj of Bigger Pockets

After rigorous research, you have narrowed down your options to two potential investments. The first is a new construction duplex priced in the mid $300,000s. It is located in a market with … Read more...

Kansas City Short Sale property

What is a Short Sale? Your Guide to Eligibility, Process, Tax Implications & More

Originally posted by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets

What is a short sale? In the most basic definition, a short sale is the process of selling a primary residence for less than what is owed with the approval from the … Read more...

Handing Over Cash For House Keys And Short Sale Sign

Foreclosures VS. Short Sales – How will it effect you?

Are you behind in your mortgage payments?  Are you wondering about your options?  Unsure if you should try a Short Sale or just give up and let the bank take your house back?

When tasked with these kinds of questions, …


How To Find an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

Are you looking for the elusive creature they call the “Investor Friendly Agent”? Have you searched Zillow and Realtor.com only to find imitations? Is the realtor your best friend’s nephew’s daughter’s mom recommended getting frustrated with your multiple low ball … Read more...

Buy single family houses in kansas city

The 7 Vital Steps to Buying a Single Family Rental House

Originally posted by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets

Single family homes can be a great investment!

They are often far easier to manage than multifamily, they usually rise in value fairly quickly, and there are numerous ways to financeRead more...