popular Kansas City zip codes for real estate investors

Popular Kansas City Zip Codes for Real Estate Investors

One of the questions I get asked a lot by investors who want to invest in Kansas City is, “What zip codes are good to invest in?”.  Any seasoned investor will tell you that this depends on several factors such … Read more...

investor mistakes

10 Lethal Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Real Estate Investment

Originally posted by Chad Carson of Bigger Pockets
Your first investment will be a learning process.
  • While you’ll definitely make a few mistakes along the way, there are a few common pitfalls that can be avoided if you educate yourself
new real estate investors

Newbies: Make TODAY the Day You Start Taking Action. Here’s Your Motivation.

Originally posted by Engelo Rumora of Bigger Pockets

Are you dipping your toe into the pool of real estate investment? Well, stop wasting your time and dive right in. When you’re starting out in this market, it can be scary Read more...