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Google will deliver groceries to Kansas City doorsteps

Originally posted by Elise Reuter with the Kansas City Business Journal

Armchair shoppers in Kansas City and throughout many Midwestern cities now can order groceries at the press of a button, with the expansion ofGoogle Express.

The service — Google’s answer to online shopping hubs such as Amazon Prime — will allow users to have products from 20 different retailers delivered overnight to their doorstep.

Shoppers can place orders through the Google Express website or a mobile app. The nearest store then packages the order before it is shipped. Overnight shipping will be available in parts of Missouri, and Kansans can place overnight and two-day orders.

“One of biggest reasons for this is mobile. The smartphone is changing the world in a lot of different ways from a shopping perspective,” Elliott said. “We’re looking to close that gap and make it easier to buy on mobile.”

He said the typical customer includes time-crunched working parents. In general, people with the Google Express app installed on their phones outweigh browser-based shoppers in quantity and frequency of orders.

“As people become more familiar with the service, they start buying from more merchants and start using the app more,” Elliott said. “It tends to be orders grow in number and size over time.”

Google parent Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) launched the service in California in 2013 before growing to other regions of the United States. Tuesday’s expansion adds several more states, including Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.

“We’re working on bringing on more and more merchants and making it faster,” Elliott said.

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